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Evan Pike Photography's Shopping Cart

Welcome to the preoder site for Evan Pike Photography.  Currently you may only place an order for one child at a time.  Here is how to place your order:

1.  Fill out  the "Portrait Information Form" with your child's information to  match your order with the photo of your child.  After it is added to you cart, click Add more to your order in the bottom left of your cart to continue to step two.

2.  Next, select your retouching preference or background choice if it applies.  There are default options, but you must pick one and add to the cart, even if you want the included option.

3.  Next select the products you want for your order and when you are done click "check out".

4.  Please tell your child that you have ordered individual photos of them so they can better prepare for their portrait!

As always, Evan Pike Pike Photography offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you are unhappy with your preorder orders for any reason, you can return your purchase for an entire refund.

Your order should appear on your statement as PAYPAL*EPIKEPHOTO. If you have any questions, please contact Evan Pike Photography. To start your order, please click here.